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Fortified Village

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The Avalon Tower


This is the landmark of  "Haut-Grésivaudan": The tower on the hill can be seen from many miles around. 

The tower was rebuilt at the end of the 19th century by the Chartreux monks in memory of Saint Hughes of Avalon, bishop of Lincoln in England in the late 12th century. 

The style used is typical of the romantic vision of the time, but has unfortunately very little to do with historical accuracy. The lower part of  the tower is still the original 13th century tower. 


The Village Curtain Wall


The most visible section is located Northward, along a small trail leading to the woods. The South and West  wall loop can be achieved easily  in the winter time. The East part is more difficult to reach as houses have been  built against  the walls. 

The section displayed on the picture is located on the right hand side of the scale model, in the "new village"


The Brown Tower

This three-story tower is the only remnant of the gate house of the Guers manor noble family. This manor is located in the "newest" part of the village erected after 1313.



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