Fort Barraux 


Fort evolution
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    > 17th Century
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    > 18th/19th Cent.

Fort Barraux is the oldest fort using bastions in France. It was built in 1597 and its aspect changed very little over the past 400 years as the general layout invented by the Piedmontese architect Ercole Negro will be left almost intact by its followers: A fortress with an extended star shape with a narrow end, including many bastions and advanced ditches.

The fort was taken by surprise right after its completion by the Constable of Dauphiné  Lesdiguières. A few enhancements have been undertaken by the engineers of King Henri the Fourth but didn't affect the general layout. 

Vauban himself, Fortress Inspector in Chief of King Louis the Fourteenth in the late 17th century didn't change the arrangement of bastions and curtains. He would rather improve the various buildings inside the fort: two barracks, the well, the chapel, the large powder magazine and the gate house. 

In the early 19th century, a casemate was added southward as this section was considered to be the weakest point. 

The Fort in the early 19th century (scale model)


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