18th & 19th Centuries 


Fort evolution
    > Fort St Barthélémy
    > 17th Century
    > Vauban & the Fort
    > 18th/19th Cent.

The gate house and the magazine are completed in the early 18th century. Two additional barracks are built. 

The modern chapel is built in 1724 thanks to a gift from King Louis the Fifteenth on the ruins of the initial chapel from the Renaissance. 

Large scale construction resumes circa 1820 with the addition of a casemate on the South front to reinforce its defense. 

A cylindrical obstacle called "demoiselle" (Miss), is erected on the top of a traverse that crosses the ditch. Besiegers that would cross this traverse would have to kiss the Miss to bypass it, therefore its name.

In the years 1870's, unrest with Italy leads to the construction of 6 forts around Grenoble. During the 19th century, defenses of Fort Barraux are also enhanced. 

The fort will be used as a prison during both world wars; then in 1947, it is turned into an ammunition depot. The fort is left by the military in 1985 and is acquired by the municipality of Barraux. 


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