Vauban & Fort Barraux 


Fort evolution
    > Fort St Barthélémy
    > 17th Century
    > Vauban & the Fort
    > 18th/19th Cent.

Vauban gets to the Fort in 1692 and is extremely negative about what was achieved by its predecessors. He asks for the improvement of the most obvious weaknesses:


Ditches are made 2-meter deeper (6 feet);


Design of bastions is modified with their edges sharpened;


Width of covered ways is reduced, their layout is streamlined and profile remodeled. Traverses cut them to confine the effect of ricochet  fire;


Galleries are added inside the flanks of bastions;


Watchtowers are remodeled;


Communication between the central fort and the ravelin of Savoie is modified with the addition of an open caponniere including parapets and palisades;


Curtains of the North and East fronts are enhanced with the addition of light tenailles and palisades;


Vauban finally creates the South redoubt

Design by Vauban 
Historical Services of the French Army 
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