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The Castle Site

Sainte Anne hill overlooks the village that was once fortified. Ruins of the castle can only be seen in the winter time. As the castle was dismantled in 1576 by order of the King of France, very little can be seen nowadays.


This computer-generated picture simulates the location of the castle on top of the hill. The red lines depict the crenellated walls that linked the castle to  the village. 

The Fortified Village

The curtain wall can still be seen in many locations when crossing the village. Two arrow loops can still be seen on the south side (click on the picture for an extended view). 


The Manors ("Maisons-fortes")

None of the 14th century manors have been destroyed. On this picture taken from the hill and facing Eastward, you can see the Cassard manor on the right, The Tour Salvaing manor on the left and in the middle, the location of a the Saint Jacques hospital that was erected in the late 14th century. 




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