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Upper Bailey

North of the keep, facing Savoie (hence the enemy!) is the upper bailey. It boasts many buildings made of wattle and daub like the kitchen, the bakery and the servants' houses. 

At the end of the upper bailey is a tower protected by a circular wall that was called "chemise" (shirt, as the wall was covering the tower from all sides, like a shirt covers the body). 

Lower Bailey

South of the keep and facing the village is the lower bailey with the stables. It was protected by a tower. 


The " Vingtain"

The curtain wall of the village, called vingtain is attached to the castle. An initial wall circumvented the old village ("Bourg Vieux"). Another one, built in the early 14th century, circumvented the new village ("Bourg Neuf"). There were three gates to access the fortified village, including the South Gate



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