The Castle of La Terrasse

La Terrasse

The Defenses
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The castle of La Terrasse (The Terrace) is situated on a platform at 428m of elevation (about 1,300 feet), on the foothills of the massif of the Chartreuse. Although attacked by the count of Savoy Amédée 5th in 1291, this castle did not play an important role in the war between Dauphiné and Savoy.

The Dauphins will give it in privilege to diverse members of their family at the end of the 13th century, before giving it up to deserving noble persons.

The castle is strengthened by numerous wooden defenses in 1418, and it is this aspect which was represented on the model you can see on these pictures.

Le château de La Terrasse (Isère) en 1416




Le château de La Terrasse (Isère) en 1416



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