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The Gate House

The tower is equipped with two large wooden gates in front and one portcullis at the back. The guard room above the gate is made of bricks, which was quite common in Dauphiné at that time although stone supply was abundant in this mountainous region. There is a murder hole to throw stones on potential enemies should they have opened the gates.

La porte du midi à La Buissière (Isère) en 1315

The workers

Stonemasons, sawyers, mortar makers, blacksmiths, etc. were necessary to build any castle. 

The white square pits are filled with limey cement, that was made by heating chalk. 

All workers will be displayed when the scale model will be finished.


The Bridge & The Creek

The bridge is made of oak coming from a nearby forest that was protected by the Dauphins as the quality of these trees was exceptional. They could only be used for castle repairs and this very bridge. 



Building The Curtain Wall

Wall building was financed by a special tax called "vingtain". Later on, the wall built from this tax was given the same name. In La Buissière; this tax was collected in 1310, 1312, 1313 and 1315. 

Scaffoldings are built on both sides of the curtain. Putlog  holes designed to receive scaffoldings are left in the wall as it is erected. This special technique is an easy way to date an old house from the Middle Ages when its lime wash has disappeared. Many houses in the village still bear these putlog holes called "trou de boulins



The Tour Salvaing Manor

This "Maison Forte" belonged to the noble family of Slavaing that owned another manor in another village. 

We know through an official document dated 1334 from Aimon 7th de Salvaing that this house was already erected when the wall was built. 



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