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A selection of noteworthy sites dealing with French medieval times, but written in English.
General Interest  
Castle of Guédelon An absolute must! This company recreates an ACTUAL 13th century castle using only medieval techniques. It will take 20 years, but the construction site can be visited from April through November. 
Located 100 miles south east of Paris. A bazillion times more interesting than any Loire castle IMHO (at least with the commentary in French. I didn't check the quality of the English one, sorry)!
Fortresses of the Crusades The site is unfortunately in French but the quality of the pictures and the navigation is absolutely stunning. Even if you don't understand French, you won't have any difficulty navigating through the pages and look at these amazing pictures.

Alpine and Dauphiné History

Musée de l'Evêché The site of the new museum of regional history of Grenoble
Charavines Lake Archeological site of a 10th century fortified village abandoned after water rising.

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