Moving The Models

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Moving the models

Our models are spectacular, but moving them is not easy. In addition, the risk of damaging them is always present. Therefore, deciding to gather all the models built by the Atelier des Dauphins over the last 12 years for the Grésivaudan Médiéval venue was a real adventure: You need to by either very bold, or totally insane!

We let you appreciate the challenge through these pictures...

Crossing the rail in a narrow staircase takes some time.   The "truck" was specially designed to carry these models!
Take the plexiglas cover down first. Position the elevator that will be used to support the model Stability is questionnable
  Things become much easier as soon as you reach the ground! Put the cover back in place for transportation
 Bellecombe model is stored next to the other ones before being positioned in the exhibition.    Half an inch wider, and we couldn't get into the exhibition hall!

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